Salesforce SFDX GUI Client

Free SFDX GUI Client

Take Salesforce DX to the next level

Harness the power of sfdx and git working together in harmony to blast your code to the cloud.


Metarocket is an SFDX GUI Client. The SFDX CLI is an awesome tool, but can be cumbersome at times.

GIT Integration

Metarocket is tightly integrated with git allowing you to deploy untracked files and branch diffs.


Easily manage your orgs and projects. Deploy code in just a few clicks. Built in Query Builder for data operations.

The Premiere SFDX GUI Client for Windows, Mac & Linux

Org Management

Org management can be a bit overwhelming at times. Remembering production, sandbox and scratch org aliases for commands becomes a chore when you have more than just a few. Metarocket saves your org information in one place and allows you to login and out of each org increasing security. Create scratch orgs with shapes in just a few clicks. Enable source tracking in sandboxes.

Project Management

Add existing projects or create new. Metarocket's project management gives you the ability to add, push, pull, deploy and retrieve metadata. Easily switch between target orgs. If the target org uses source tracking, metarocket will push/pull otherwise deploy/retrieve.

Test Management

Tests are an important and required part of Salesforce Development. Create test queues, run suites, select tests or run all tests in an org. Metarocket keeps a log of all test results with the ability to copy the json result.

GIT Integration

Metarocket uses GIT to aggregate files for deployments. Choose between tracked, untracked, new files, changed files or branch diffs for deployments. The deployment manifests can be saved and deployed to different target orgs.

Deployment Management

Deployments are the backbone of Salesforce development. A common scenario developers face is deploying the same code to different orgs. Often times this can be branches with several merges involved. Metarocket will perform a diff against master and let you choose the files you want to deploy.

Built in Query Builder

Data management operations are one of the more difficult tasks in Salesforce. Metarocket's Query Builder makes writing SOQL queries simple and painless. With the intuitive UI, data backups and migrations between orgs are simplified into the selection of fields and the click of a button.